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Program conducted for SMEs business owners and top management in Melbourne, Australia.

Business is simple!

A business should always earn more than it spends. Even now, research tells us the main reasons for business failures are financial mismanagement, poor financial control and finance illiteracy.

• Do you want to avoid financial mismanagement?
• Do you want to speak the language investors love to hear?
• Do you want to be run a proactive business rather than being reactive?
If you answered “yes”, you should be watching this seminar on “The Two Commandments of Business Financial Management”.

You will learn the two simple yet powerful commandments of financial management in easy to understand terms. If you follow these two commandments, your business – and most other businesses – can avoid problems around financial mismanagement. If you break the commandments, you pay the price!

Remember, “Business is not just about turnover, it is about what’s leftover” – Anonymous